Minal Mirza

Email: minal.mirza@emory.edu

Minal Mirza, a passionate student in Human Health and Economics with an intended minor in Global Development Studies, is on a determined path in the Pre-Medical track. Her deep-rooted interest in public health and development was shaped by her diverse upbringing in Beirut, Nairobi, and New York City, where she observed stark disparities in healthcare accessibility and administration.

Minal’s ambition is to work with organizations like Doctors Without Borders, aiming to bridge the global healthcare gaps she witnessed firsthand. This goal is fueled by her belief in equitable healthcare as a fundamental right, regardless of geographical and socio-economic barriers.

Beyond her academic pursuits, Minal is the co-President of the Oxford Cancer Foundation, a student-led organization committed to raising cancer awareness and supporting affected individuals. Under her leadership, the foundation has collaborated with various campus clubs for impactful events, including a recent holiday card-making initiative for hospitalized children. Minal reflects on the emotional resonance of these cards, emphasizing their role in spreading holiday cheer and support to those in hospitals during festive seasons.

As she welcomed the new year with her family in New York, Minal reflected on the importance of community and personal growth. Her message to her peers is one of hope, kindness, and self-belief. She stresses the transformative power of hope, encouraging everyone to believe in their potential to effect meaningful change. Minal’s vision for the future is not only about professional success but also about nurturing a community that thrives on compassion, understanding, and mutual support.