Lab People

Undergraduate Research Assistants

Are you looking for some valuable research experience? Undergraduate students can apply for research assistant positions in Yoon Lab. This is a great opportunity for students who are interested in stem cell research!

Research assistants will work approximately 10 hrs/week and be involved in many facets of the lab:

• Lab maintenance
• qRT-PCR (including RNA extraction, cDNA synthesis, PCR)
• Flow Cytometry/FACS
• Genotyping
• Histology (sample prep and cryostat, Immunohistochemistry, Immunocytochemistry)
• Epi/Confocal microscopy
• Animal handling and surgery
• Cell culture
• Moleculare biology work
• Protein work (Western blots and Immunoprecipitation)

First, undergraduates interested in joining Yoon Lab as research assistants send CV/resume to Dr. Yoon and Sang-Ho Lee.

Second, request the form for filling-out to, and arrange an interview with Sang-Ho Lee.

Third, finish the rest of paper work (thru step 5).