Min Young Sin, awarded with SIRE grant program for summer 2013.

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  • 7:30PM Apr 11, 2013
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minAnother Yoon lab undergraduate volunteer, Min Young Sin, received Scholarly Inquiry and Research at Emory (SIRE) grant program for summer 2013. Min Young is currently a senior at Emory University and has been working at Yoon lab since her first year of college while planning to enter medical school. In addition, Min Young’s research proposal, “Reprogram of diabetic stem/progenitor cells with small molecules” received favorable evaluation from the committee and prioritized first out of the applications in the natural sciences.

At Emory College, teaching and research go hand-in-hand as experienced faculty bring their commitment to sharing knowledge in the classroom and producing scholarship that makes a valuable contribution to the world. Students bring fresh insights and energy to both teaching and research, creating an even more dynamic intellectual community. For undergraduate students who would like to participate more fully in meaningful research early on in their academic careers, the College offers Scholarly Inquiry and Research at Emory (SIRE).

SIRE promotes undergraduate research projects through grants, faculty-student research partnerships, and summer research stipends, offering advantages to both students and faculty. Undergraduate research programs increase retention, improve study skills, and create stronger bonds for students. At the same time, these undergraduate researchers assist faculty in accomplishing ambitious research and allow faculty to work with self-motivated, developing scholars.

SIRE programs are available to any undergraduate students in Emory College in good academic standing. Several programs, each suited to different student levels or needs, are offered each year, and students may be accept

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