Stanley Yoo


Emory University | Emory College ’27

Phone: (404)940-4992

Stanley Yoo is a sophomore at Emory University, majoring in mathematics with a pre-med focus. His academic journey bridges mathematics and biology, fueling his dedication to innovative research in medical science.

Early in his college career, Stanley’s fascination with stem cell processes led him to join the Yoon Lab. Under the mentorship of Seonggeon Cho, he is deeply involved in cutting-edge research on direct reprogramming techniques to generate endothelial cells for tissue regeneration. Additionally, his work includes stem cell collection and the application of a hind limb ischemia model in mice, driving significant progress in regenerative medicine.

Outside of his academic and research life, Stanley works as a medical scribe near an ophthalmologist office located near Emory University and enjoys playing golf in his free time.