Shashank Pinnamaneni


Shashank Pinnamaneni is a pre-med student and a dedicated Biomedical Engineering major at Georgia Institute of Technology, set to graduate in 2025. His deep-rooted interest in the medical field, especially in cardiovascular health, has been a driving force in his academic and research pursuits. At Georgia Tech, Shashank has taken a significant step towards realizing his goals by joining the Yoon Lab. Under the expert guidance of Dr. Junjie Yang, he is honing his skills and expanding his knowledge in the intricate field of cardiovascular stem cell research.

Following his undergraduate studies, Shashank is determined to further his journey in medicine by attending medical school. His ambition is to make a meaningful impact in healthcare as a physician in the United States. Beyond his academic endeavors, Shashank is an active individual who enjoys engaging in sports and recreational activities. He is passionate about soccer and swimming, and he cherishes the moments spent playing board games with his friends. This blend of rigorous academic pursuit and a well-rounded personal life exemplifies Shashank’s commitment to both his professional aspirations and his personal well-being.