Kyuwon Cho


Office: Health Sciences Research Building (HSRB)-II, 1750 Haygood Drive NE Room S235O, Atlanta, GA 30322

Phone: (404)895-7312

Kyuwon Cho is a distinguished researcher with a Ph.D. in Pharmacology from Emory University, specializing in the intricate molecular and cellular mechanisms that play a pivotal role in cardiovascular development and regeneration. His academic journey is marked by a deep commitment to advancing our understanding of heart health, aiming to unlock new therapeutic possibilities for cardiovascular diseases.

Before embarking on his academic career, Kyuwon demonstrated his dedication to serving others during a 2-year tenure as a firefighter, fulfilling his military service obligations in South Korea. This experience not only honed his resilience and teamwork skills but also instilled a profound sense of community and responsibility, traits that have permeated his scientific endeavors.

Outside the lab, Kyuwon is an avid tennis player, finding in the sport a perfect blend of physical challenge and mental strategy. He is also a film enthusiast, with a keen interest in exploring diverse cinematic worlds that offer insights into human experiences and cultural narratives. Furthermore, Kyuwon’s passion for cooking allows him to express his creativity and explore a variety of culinary traditions, further showcasing his multifaceted personality and interests.

Through his research, community service, and personal hobbies, Kyuwon Cho embodies a holistic approach to life, integrating scientific rigor with a rich tapestry of experiences that inform and enrich his work.