Iris Xia


Iris Xia is a dedicated sophomore at Emory University with a passion for biology and nutrition science. Currently on the pre-med track, Iris is majoring in biology while minoring in nutrition science. Her academic journey led her to the captivating world of stem cell processes, a fascination that prompted her to join the Yoon Lab during her freshman year.

Under the mentorship of Seonggeon Cho, Iris contributes to groundbreaking research focused on direct reprogramming techniques to generate endothelial cells for tissue generation. Additionally, her work involves using a hind limb ischemia model in mice, paving the way for innovative developments in regenerative medicine.

Looking ahead, Iris aspires to attend medical school after completing her studies at Emory. Her dream is to specialize in Obstetrics and Gynecology, where she can apply her knowledge and passion to make a difference in women’s health.

Beyond her academic pursuits, Iris leads an active life as a swim instructor for a USA national swim team in her hometown of Massachusetts. With her dedication to both scientific research and community involvement, Iris is undoubtedly a promising young scholar on her way to a bright future in the medical field.