Divit Jain

Email: divit.jain@emory.edu

Phone: (404)-528-9716

Links: LinkedIn

Divit Jain is a student at Emory University, pursuing a dual degree in business and biology. Currently engrossed in his academic journey, Divit’s passion lies in the realm of regenerative medicine and its vast potential. His keen interest has led him to actively participate in groundbreaking research under Dr. Morris, where they focus on developing a Gelatin-based hydrogel.

As an aspiring researcher, Divit is thrilled to be part of this cutting-edge project and eagerly anticipates witnessing the growth and advancements within the field of regenerative medicine in the years to come. 

With a commitment to bridging the gap between these two seemingly distinct disciplines, Divit is carving his path to contribute meaningfully to the intersection of business and scientific innovation. He is dedicated to understanding the potential applications of regenerative medicine exemplifies his forward-thinking approach to the convergence of diverse fields.