Dan Kim

Email: dan.kim@emory.edu

Biology, B.A. | Korean, Minor
| Class of 2024

Phone: (470) 636 – 6556

Dan Kim is a dedicated fourth-year pre-med student at Emory University, with graduation on the horizon in Spring 2024. His academic journey is deeply rooted in the biological sciences, fueled by a genuine passion for caring for and helping others. This drive has led Dan to explore various career opportunities within the healthcare sector, such as medicine, dentistry, and pharmacy, recognizing their profound impact on individual health and societal well-being. Moreover, Dan is invigorated by the dynamic nature of healthcare, particularly the continuous advancements in research and technology that keep professionals at the forefront of medical knowledge.

Under the mentorship of Dr. Kyung Hee Kim, Dan is expanding his expertise in cardiovascular stem cell research, aiming to contribute to this cutting-edge field. His commitment to medicine is not just academic; it is also deeply personal. Inspired by his father, a physician whose work profoundly benefits those in need, Dan has been drawn to the medical field from a young age, aspiring to follow in his father’s footsteps and make a significant impact on patient care.

Following his undergraduate studies, Dan plans to gain further clinical experience and pursue medical school, aiming to specialize and excel in a field that merges his interests in science and compassionate care.

Outside the rigorous demands of his pre-med studies, Dan has diverse interests. He is an avid golfer and basketball player, finding in sports a valuable outlet for relaxation and physical fitness. Additionally, Dan is a talented violinist, having been a member of the Emory University Symphony Orchestra. This blend of artistic and athletic pursuits complements his academic and professional goals, making Dan a well-rounded individual with a bright future in medicine.